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Four Most Common Mistakes Made by Small Business Admins on Facebook

November 19, 2009

As I was browsing through Facebook today looking at Pages created by small businesses, I was quite surprised to see that many still really don’t understand the Facebook Page tool set. Here are four of the most common mistakes being made by Small Business Admins on Facebook:

1) Not knowing how to use Apps on Facebook Pages.

When you create a new Facebook Fan Page, the page automatically comes with 6 native Apps: 1) Photos 2) Videos 3) Discussion Boards 4) Notes 5) Links and 6) Events. Facebook Pages don’t really get interesting or fun until you start adding and using the Static FBML App, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr Apps, the Social RSS App, the Flash Player App, etc. There are thousands of Apps in Facebook’s Application Gallery.

If you have never added an App to your business Facebook Page, then you still have some work to do. Also, if you are not dragging and dropping boxes/Apps on your home view, or dragging and dropping Tabs, and if you have no idea what I am talking about, then you need to get some training on how to use Facebook Pages. :)

2) Not understanding the value of community building on Facebook.

If you aren’t getting any “Likes” or “Comments” on your Wall in response to your Status Updates, then you haven’t found your Facebook voice and you need to be posting a different kind of content. Facebook is not about one-way communication. It’s not just about pushing out information about your product or service to your fans. It is about interaction and engagement. The best community builders understand this and pose questions to their fans, stimulate conversation on their Wall, and rarely post press release-like content on their Facebook Page. 90% of the power of a Facebook Page is in the Status Update, and if yours aren’t getting any action, then you need reevaluate what kind of content your posting.

3) Posting too many Status Updates.

Small businesses shouldn’t be posting more than one or two Status Updates a day. Some are posting three to four Status Updates a day, sometimes one right after another. It is way too easy for individuals to “Hide” a business from their News Feed and nothing will do that faster than posting too many Status Updates.

4) Not reserving a Facebook Username for your Page.

I guess a lot of smallbusinesses haven’t heard the news that after your page reaches 100 fans, you can reserve a Facebook Page Username at I saw at least 10 well-known national brands today on Facebook that had not yet done this. You better hurry. Over 80,000,000 usernames have been taken already!

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  1. November 20, 2009 4:06 pm

    I think Facebook is something that most businesses don’t even see as a professional networking tool – Twitter and LinkedIn are the more obvious ones, but Facebook can be too, though it does take more work.

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